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AAPHALE EYE HOSPITAL is a place where elegence and technology; skill and knowledge; care and sincerity; art and science thrive together. 


A hard working, ethical, sincere, firm but caring, disciplined CEO Dr Kshipra Aphale, has transferred the same qualities in her honest and dedicated staff.


Here, every patient is examined personally by Dr Kshipra Aphale after preliminary examination by her assistant. All patients are treated by Dr Kshipra Aphale. 

The privacy of the patient is fully maintained through out the eye check up. The hospital is well equipped with all the necessary machines required for prudent management of various eye diseases. 

The main operation theatre is specially built for CATARACT SURGERY. It is equipped with Lamenar Air Flow system, Alcon phacoemulcification machine with ozil technology and high end Zeiss Lumera-I microscope, Class B autoclave system makes it perfect OT for any type of cataract. 

There is separate OT for other surgeries like Chalazion, squint, pterigium, DCR and plastic surgeries of the eye. There is special waiting room for OPD and special private rooms for post operative patients. All the surgeries are performed by  Dr Kshipra Aphale only. 

In house spectacle shop run by a needy sincere person given on Non profit basis and it allows the patients to get the spectacles at doctors supervision at reasonable price. 

Ambiance and the attitude of the staff is such that most of the patients feel secure and their fear and anxiety for operation goes away.

What is more, Dr Aaphale Eye  Hospital also has received Accreditation from NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals)

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