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Dr. Kshipra Aphale

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Dr. Kshipra Aphale

Consulting Eye Surgeon

Specialty: Cataract

Experience:  26 years 


Education:  M.B.B.S., M.S.(Ophthal)​

Passion: Patient care, writing, painting. Authored a book, a collection of articles on eye problems and eye care

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The Director of Dr Aaphale Eye Hospital, is a passionate, perfectionist and perseverant person when it comes to treating eye problems. In addition to knowledge and skills, treating the patient needs compassion.


For Dr Kshipra, CARE COMES FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE HEART. Hence, even cases of difficult eye surgery or long standing eye problem are managed well with effective results.Dr Kshipra Aphale passed her MBBS with special rank in ophthalmology. She received training for her MS ophthalmology from Govt Medical College from best of the teachers. 


After completing MS ophthalmic, she underwent extensive training in PHACO cataract surgery, LASIK surgery, GLAUCOMA management and RETINAL lasers. She believes that surgery is first done in the mind and then with the hands. It is not the number which is most important but the quality of the surgery, ethics of surgery and patient care. 

Though, in last 26 years, she has done thousands of surgeries, she believes that every patient is different and every eye is different.  One has to customize the plan of surgery accordingly. Very particular about ethical practice, this ambitious lady has progressed slowly but steadily. She started practice in a rented small room and with her relentless 26 years of efforts, she founded a beautiful, well equipped and spacious hospital in Thane. 


Being a versatile and confidant surgeon, she performs all eye surgeries  herself. There is no other eye surgeon operating on her name and whole responsibility is taken by her. PHACO CATARACT SURGERY is very close to her heart and she has achieved such a high skill that she can operate on most difficult cataracts also successfully. 


Various high tech lenses are also used after careful selection. She has expertise in PHACO CATARACT SURGERY so much that she has modified the routine method of cataract surgery in such a way that it becomes a very safe procedure.

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