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Mucor mycosis and eyes

Mucor mycosis or black fungus can affect eyes. Who are susceptible? Covid positive patients admitted in ICU and have received oxygen. Those who are uncontrolled diabetics Those who received heavy doses of steroids. Those who received heavy doses of antivirals and antibiotics . Those who are immunocompromised, on immunosuppressants OR on chemotherapy. It can occur even few weeks after recovery from covid and it is found even in some non covid patients also.

How it starts? It starts from nose forming the crusts in the nose. Then it spreads in nasal sinuses and mouth (palate) and to orbit and eye.

This fungus blocks the blood vessels and that part of the fungus affected area becomes dead.

What are the early nasal symptoms.. ? Nasal watering, discharge Bleeding from the nose One sided facial pain, swelling of one side of the face,one sided headache.

Nose examination at this stage is very important and helps early diagnosis.

Early MRI helps detect the disease early.

If not diagnosed and treated, it may spread to mouth and eye.

Symptoms in the eyes-- Redness,watering and pain in the eye. Swelling of the eye. Sudden drop in vision Inability to move the eye leading to double vision. Drooping of eye lid. Popping out of the eye. (proptosis) Loss of sensation of and around the the eye. Facial swelling and pain around the eye. Colour changes of the skin on and around the eye. Sudden loss or drop of vision.

If diagnosed and treated in time, eye can be saved. Once the tissue is dead, the only treatment for mucor mycosis is surgical removal of all the part of nose, sinuses, palate and eye. If it is not treated in time, it can spread to the brain and patient can die. Some antifungals are useful to prevent the spread.

How to protect from mucor? Control the blood sugar. Avoid exposure if immunocompromised. Protect from covid by wearing mask, social distancing and sanitizer use. Betadine gargles, especially to high risk patients may have beneficial effect. Use clean, fresh mask. Early detection and treatment can save the eye and life.

Don't ignore eye symptoms during pandemic, especially if you are admitted for covid or you are in post covid state. See the ophthalmologists for eye problems.

Eye Test Glasses

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