Myths and Reality

There are may misconceptions about eyes and eye-care. Here are a few myths clarified

» Myth : Regular use of spectacles reduce the spectacle number
» Fact : Spectacle number change has nothing to do with whether you use it or not.

» Myth : If you can do routine activity and see TV, which means you don’t have number.
» Fact : You can still have spectacle number.

» Myth : Eating carrots reduce spectacle number.
» Fact : Spectacle number has nothing to do with carrots or vitamin A.

» Myth : Spectacle number comes because of watching TV or working n computer.
» Fact : It doesn’t...nothing can be blamed for spectacle number.

» Myth : It’s harmless to put any eye drops without doctor’s advice.
» Fact : It’s a serious matter to instill eye drops in eyes and should never be done on your own.

» Myth : Drops containing steroids like pyrimon, sofracort, genticyn B ciplox D etc can be used for conjunctivitis.
» Fact : It is very dangerous to use steroid drops in acute infections as while giving immediate, temporary relief, they lead to serious complications.

» Myth : Watching TV from near or working on computer damage the eyes.
» Fact : Computer or TV does no harm to the eyes. It is the faulty habit that harm.

» Myth : Diabetic patient should go to the ophthalmologist when he develops vision problem.
» Fact : A diabetic should see the eye surgeon regularly, even if he has no eye problem. It is too late, if vision reduces.

» Myth : Control of blood sugar prevents diabetic retinopathy.
» Fact : It may delay the retinopathy or reduce the severity, but can’t prevent it. So, regular eye check up is mandatory.

» Myth : Cataract operation should not be done till cataract becomes mature.
» Fact : Its old concept, cataract can be operated successfully at any stage because of advance technology.

» Myth : Cataract can be removed without operation
» Fact : Even though, laser is used to cut the cornea and cataract instead of blades, the cataract is still removed with phaco through the cut only.

» Myth : One should not cook for many days after cataract surgery.
» Fact : One can cook 1 or 2 days after phaco cataract surgery.

» Myth : One should not watch television after cataract surgery.
» Fact : One can watch TV on next day of phaco cataract surgery.

» Myth : Lasik and phaco cataract are painful surgeries.
» Fact : Both are painless and done under topical anesthesia. No injection is needed.

» Myth : One cannot work on computer or read after Lasik surgery.
» Fact : Next day, one can work on computer, or read.

» Myth : One has to put pad after Lasik and cataract surgery.
» Fact : No need of eyepad after these surgeries.

» Myth : One has to stay in hospital after cataract and Lasik surgery.
» Fact : No needs to stay in hospital after cataract and Lasik surgery.

» Myth : Number recurs after Lasik surgery.
» Fact : If spectacle number is steady before operation and person has sufficient corneal thickness, the number never recurs.

» Myth : Lasik operation can remove the near number also.
» Fact : Lasik operation cannot remove the presbyopic near number.

» Myth : If glaucoma is detected, or suspected, one surely goes blind.
» Fact : With proper medication and timely surgery to control intraocular pressure one can maintain normal vision in glaucoma patient.

» Myth : It is okay to check eyes in spectacle shops.
» Fact : Shops can check spectacle number only, while eye check up includes complete eye examination, retinal check up, optic nerve check up and testing of eye pressure.

» Myth : It is okay to buy the medicines directly from chemists for eye problems.
» Fact : It is very dangerous, and many people develop permanent visual damage because of this.

» Myth : Foreign body in eye can come out with eye drops.
» Fact : Foreign body cannot come out by any drop.

» Myth : If one has spectacle number, or any operation has been done on eye, he/she cannot donate eyes.
» Fact : They can donate eyes.

» Myth : After eye donation, face looks disfigured.
» Fact : Face looks normal.

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