Image by National Cancer Institute

Operations performed

  • Phacoemulcification cataract surgery 

  • Multi focal lenses

  • Toric lenses implant

  • Complicated cataract surgery 

  • Secondary surgery for cataract complications

  • Glaucoma surgery 

  • LASIK surgery

  • Custom lasik

  • Intramuscular contact lens implant for high number spectacles 

  • Lens exchange surgery for high number spectacles

  • Squint surgery 

  • Plastic Eye surgery 

  • Ptosis correction

  • Entropion correction 

  • Entropion correction 

  • Pterigium surgery 

  • Chalazion excision

  • Lid tear repair

  • Removal of tumour

Eye tumour before surgery.jpeg
Eye during surgery for tumour removal.jpeg
Eye after removal of tunour.jpeg
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DSC05392Anju Mansing_24DSC05392.JPG
DSC05432Anju Mansing_63DSC05432.JPG

Eye tumour before surgery

Eye tumour during surgery

After removal of eye tumour - no scar